Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Perisseia Series

Who Is Your Master?

In Matthew 6:24, we read Jesus’s challenge to us regarding the influences in our lives: we cannot serve two masters.  Jesus was referring to wealth as a competing master, but in truth, there are limitless masters that would draw us away from God.  We often find ourselves making God a secondary master, following feelings of obligation and guilt to  serve human masters at God’s expense.

If we do in fact want to follow Christ as our sole Master, then we need to put would-be masters in their place.  This is where boundaries come in.  The concept of boundaries is a powerful tool that enables us to say, “No” to “shoulds,” “musts,” and the tyranny of the urgent so that we can fully and freely say, “Yes!” to Christ.

Perisseia, our women’s growth group, is returning to the important topic of boundaries in its Fall series.  This workshop will be loosely based on the work of Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend and their book, Boundaries.

All women are invited to join us Thursday evenings, in the Chapel House, 7:00-8:30, September 19 through November 7.  No commitment or preparation is necessary or expected.  Copies of Boundaries and the Boundaries workbook will be available for optional purchase:  $6.00 for the book; $8.00 for the workbook.

For more information or to reserve a copy of either or both books, please contact Cindy Bills (; 609-275-8557).